Which PC Speaker Should I Buy?

One of the essential PC accessories to have is computer speakers. You may use it for watching videos or movies online, for listening to music or for gaming purposes. Due to its essential usage everyone needs to have a speaker; however, better quality in the sound it produces would cost much more. So first you need to know what your budget is and what kind of speaker you are looking for.

A speaker that is portable, a budget wise speaker, a high quality speaker, a speaker for gaming purposes or maybe some water speakers to make your room look great. If you are asking yourself “which PC Speaker should I buy?”, then it’s best to consider the balance of its composition.

Know Your Budget

If what you are looking for is only for regular use, then going for a cheaper speaker might be good enough for you. It may not have reviews to back up its quality, but I’m sure there are some cheap speakers out there that are durable and give out a fair amount of sound quality.

Expensive speakers are not always the best. Some may have tons of reviews that are rated four to five stars, but the type of sound quality that it produces may not be to your liking, since each and one of us has different preferences. Also, some may not last that long so you would be left with no choice but to buy a new one.

If you do not want a cheap speaker but not an expensive one either, then try looking into speakers that are mid-ranged in price. You might be surprised that the speaker you’re looking for is there and just waiting for you to buy it.

It is best not to splurge so much on one speaker. You may have bought one that is freaking expensive, but will be surprised to see that in the next few months it won’t work anymore or the sound quality it produces is just not the same as when you first bought it. You would then have no choice but to have it checked and repaired or to purchase a new one. Spending just the right amount would do the trick and if you apply proper maintenance on it every once in a while, then I am sure your speaker will last long. Also in the years to come, I am sure there will be new releases of a better and upgraded version of the speaker you have.

Recommended Speakers:

Logitech is a well-known, basic PC speaker which is good for playing PC audio. It gives off a balanced powerful sound that is good for desktop music. Klipsch speakers, which are best according to reviews by tech experts and consumers, give out a clear and full sound that is suited for both gaming and music.

Harman Kardon, a speaker that can work with almost any device and can easily switch between them, gives out great bass performance and has a unique design that may intrigue you and be up to your liking.

Bose, which is a great choice for office music or music system for your home, is a top of the line speaker that has a low need for maintenance. These are just some of the best speakers out there that gained quite a reputation among the users.

Compatibility & Portability

Another concern in choosing the perfect speaker for your home is whether your speaker is compatible not just with your PC, but other gadgets as well. For example, if you have a smartphone or tablet, then you need to check their compatibility with the speakers as well. You should also think about portability, as you never know when you might need to move and live in a different place or use your speakers for outdoor activities, which is why having a portable speaker makes it easier for you to move around.


Computers have various usages so you may want to use your PC speakers when watching videos or movies online or for listening to your favorite music or for maximum experience in playing your favorite games. That is why it would be best to have a PC speaker that can adapt to the various usages of your computer.


Before deciding on a speaker, it won’t hurt to take a look at the freebies or extras it comes with. Most of them have nothing to do with the PC speakers or with its sound quality, but it is pretty convenient if the product comes with a remote control so that you can freely control your speakers even when you’re far from it.


Which PC speaker should I buy? You can find the right answer for this by conducting your own research by reading reviews from sources you trust or asking for advice from experts or from those who have experience in having the product.

Each and one of us have our own preference, whether it is in the audio, sound quality or in its appearance. Thus, it is recommended to try out the speaker first before you buy them since some may have exaggerated a bit on their specs.

The opinion of others matters only a little when it is time for you to buy your own speaker, since the final decision will ultimately depend on you, the user. Just consider all the functions or features, the appearance, the type of quality you are looking for and the budget.

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