Types of Computer Speakers: Best System for the Sound You Want

Types of Computer Speakers: Best System for the Sound You Want

Nowadays, we all love to listen to music that we like, watch videos, or stream movies online. A better way to enjoy these things to the fullest is with the use of computer speakers with the best sound quality.

Choosing the proper speaker for this purpose can be a bit tricky since computer speakers come in different types and varies in prices and sizes.

Though there are different types, they still have some common features such as having a headphone jack, LED power indicator, and controls for volume. Among the types of computer speakers, some of the most commonly used would be the two-speaker system which does not take up too much space and provides good sound quality.

Types of Speakers

2.0 Computer Speakers

It is one of the most basic and commonly used speakers. It has a relatively small speaker driver which allows it to have a more compact design that takes up minimal space on your desk but it also produces less powerful bass frequencies.

Gives a better listening experience as it is designed to provide sound separation, consisting of a left and a right speaker. Its amplifier is located inside one of the speakers for its enhanced sound volume quality.

2.1 Computer Speakers

Similar to the 2.0 speakers, the 2.1 computer speaker also has a pair of satellite speakers, a left and a right that is placed above your desk, but compared to the 2.0 speakers it has a much larger speaker-amplifier.

The satellite speakers are smaller than the 2.0 speakers because they do not need to produce lower-frequency bass sounds since it has a subwoofer that produces it. If you’re looking for a speaker that produces strong sounds for listening to music or watching videos, then choose the 2.1 computer speakers.

Surround Sound Speakers

The surround sound speakers can turn your place into a movie-theatre like ambiance. It varies from 5.1 channel to 9.1 channel and even higher. The 5.1 channel system consists of 5 satellite speakers, a pair of front satellite speakers and three additional speakers to augment it and 1 subwoofer for an immersive sound effect.

The higher the channel number, the more speaker isprovided for a more intense movie experience. The surround sound speakers offers multi-channel output which makes it excellent for watching movies and playing video games as it gives those  using it with a thrilling audio experience.

Wireless Computer Speakers

Wireless computer speakers are what most people desire; something portable, that we can use anytime we want and be able to carry it with ease anywhere we go. We usually carry with us our smart phones or gadget as a medium of storage for the songs we like to listen to, movies or videos that we would like to watch anytime we want.

Having a portable wireless speaker on hand makes it easier for you to share to your family or friends your favorite songs and movies and play them out loud so that they too can join in on the fun.

When choosing wireless computer speakers, you will need to consider not only the quality of the speaker but also the type of wireless technology it has like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Apple’s Airplay.

Tips in Buying Computer Speaker

  • 0 speakers are good for regular computer usage.
  • 1 speakers have a subwoofer to produce low bass frequency bass sounds which makes it better for listening to music.
  • Surround sound speakers lets you experience strong sounds for watching movies and for playing video games.
  • The wireless computer speakers offers you great sound systems and portability which lets you use it anytime you want and anywhere you are.
  • Look for extra sound inputs if you’re looking to connect your speaker to multiple devices.
  • It makes it easier for you to adjust the volume and bass/treble if your speakers come with on-board controls.

Maintenance Tips for Computer Speakers

  • Constantly check the wirings of your speakers for any damage, to avoid any dangerous situations.
  • Keep your speakers away from direct sunlight.
  • Dust affects the performance of the speakers a lot, so it is best that you place your speakers in areas where dust does not get inside the speaker and to allow effortless occasional vacuum maintenance.
  • Clean them regularly and avoid using liquid cleaners as it may damage the amplifiers of the speaker.
  • Your speaker’s lifespan can be increased by giving it adequate ventilation.


Computer speakers come in different sizes and designs, but their purpose of producing louder or clearer sound output are all the same. It can lift the atmosphere up, keep the groove going, and lets you share the fun with the people around you.

There are various things to consider when choosing the right computer speaker for you to use. You may first want to figure out how and what you are going to use it for. If it’s just for regular use, then a 2.0 speaker is just about right.

Want even better audio for listening?Then there’s the 2.1 speaker.

Looking to experience sound outputs that lets you experience virtual reality because you’re getting hooked up while watching movies or playing video games? Then I recommend the Surround Sound speaker for you.

You place importance in portability of the speaker? Then the wireless computer speakers is for you, which you can freely use anytime you want, carry it anywhere you go and be able to share what songs you’re playing or videos you’re watching so that everyone can enjoy.

Lastly, you need to know how much you are willing to spend on them. Better quality speakers can offer you a more enhanced quality of sound output. However, better quality comes at a price. So to avoid breakdowns on your speakers, do not forget to maintain it well, to keep its performance the same just like when you first bought it.

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