Grace Digital: Bookshelf Speakers

Grace Digital: Bookshelf Speakers

How would you like to come home to a house with a home audio surround system, stereo system or a bookshelf speaker?

You usually see this sort of appliance in every home you visit. It can help you experience a relaxing day sitting on your couch watching a great movie, or listening to your favorite music.

It also adds more pizazz to your living room, guest room, bedroom or any other area of your home due to its decorative effect. The only problem with some speakers is that once you have set it up, it will take a lot of effort in disassembling it.

If you plan to transfer it from one place to another, you’d be spending most of your time unscrewing, dismounting and coiling the cords. That is why there are some high portable speakers such as the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00DS5QZYO” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]GDI-BTSP201Bookshelf Speakers[/easyazon_link] by Grace Digital as it can either be a wireless/portable speaker or a wire audio device for your home.

The GDI-BTSP201Bookshelf Speakers is a great solution for your home in terms of audio and space. It uses a small amount of space but can fill your entire home with great quality and powerful audio you deserve.

It can fit any audio lifestyle because of its great versatility, being able to play audio wirelessly through its Bluetooth features or set it up as a wired home audio device and let it sit on your bookshelf or at any place you want.


  • This product has a variety of colors, white, red and black. Price varies depending on the color chosen but all are of the same quality.
  • It can connect easily with other wired devices such as your tablet, DVD/Blu-ray players, Television set, phones, iPods, and other more as an optional audio source.
  • It can also be integrated with different wireless devices, paired through its 4.0 Bluetooth features and play audio files from with ease and at a distance.
  • There are playback, volume, connectivity controls and options located on the left speaker. You will see different, convenient, and durable buttons at the top of the left speaker.
  • It has a built-in amplifier, subwoofer, and a nice tweeter drive all in one set.
  • The speakers have an output power of 36 watt and a great RMS distribution with 50 Hz to 20 kHz frequency.
  • It has a power saving feature that turns the speaker off at a given time if it’s not in use.
  • This compact and elegant looking speaker can be acquired for a very affordable price.

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  • The speakers are highly portable. It does not require much in setting up and you can easily transfer it from one place to another with ease.
  • It has a user guide that gives easy to follow instructions in connecting and using its function accompanied by illustration making it very understandable.
  • It is versatile. You can connect it to other input/output audio speakers and playing music or video in your wireless device.
  • The speaker has a dimension of 7.5 inches by 4.5 inches by 7.5 inches that allows you to fit it in bookshelves, narrow areas or almost anywhere you like.


  • There are times that the Bluetooth feature is failing and is having a hard time pairing with other devices. The trick to it is to turn it off and on but could be a bit annoying. It needs improvement.
  • Within a few minutes of silence even if you are not idled, the speakers shuts down. They should have set it to go off only when idled for about 10 to 15 minutes but the feature is based with the audio coming out from the speakers which is not ideal as a computer speaker.
  • Prolong use or using the speaker for a long period of time seems to negatively affect the quality of the audio.
  • Although it has a great wireless feature, the speakers cannot be controlled remotely. Being a high-tech speaker, they should have considered including a remote control feature for further convenience.


The GDI-BTSP201Bookshelf Speakers by Grace Digital has the features that most people look for in a speaker. It is an audio device that can work as a home audio speaker, a bookshelf speaker and an easy-to-setup speaker that can wirelessly connect to most of your home devices.

It enjoys high rating and numerous nice feedbacks from people who are satisfied with the product. The price of the speaker is reasonable while holding so many great and advance technological features.

It can save you money in terms of electricity with its power saving features that automatically shut the speaker off for about 10 to 15 minutes if it’s not in use. This is a speaker with great versatility, nice control, great audio quality, efficient connectivity, and most of all very affordable.


This product, the GDI-BTSP201Bookshelf Speakers is not an ideal speaker for your computer set. If you are looking for something that can go nicely with your computer, then you can opt for other brands such as Exclaim Bi-Amped 2.0 Speaker System made by Edifier.

It costs much less but also holds great audio quality. It does not have a power saving feature but that’s perfect for a computer speaker as there are times that you are not using any audio but do not require the speakers to turn off as you are possibly going to be using it soon. The Exclaim Bi-Amped 2.0 Speaker System is a pair of a much smaller speaker compared with the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00DS5QZYO” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]GDI-BTSP201Bookshelf Speakers[/easyazon_link].


GDI-BTSP201Bookshelf Speakers is a wonderful speaker that can fit most part of your home. It can also be a good speaker set for your bedroom, listening to classical and relaxing music playing from your phone as you sleep.

It is just an audio wonder all packed into a small speaker set. It is a great purchase and a good audio set up to have at a low cost. The product is very durable and it will surely last long to give you what your money or investment really deserves.

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