Functions of a Computer Speaker: Things You Need to Know

Functions of a Computer Speaker: Things You Need to Know

What Are Speakers?

It would be hard to imagine living a day without actually hearing any sounds or audio of any form. Music, through the years, has served as an effective means for people to say whatever they want to say, or simply as a way of letting out the emotions they wish to express.

Moreover, recorded audio has served as a helpful and efficient way of disseminating information to a large group of people, as people need not say the same things over and over again, and that the piece of information could be repeated as needed.

While there are a lot of ways to producing audio, one thing remains certain, and this is that all of these means of audio production just would not be possible without the presence of speakers. In a broader sense, these speakers are output devices created specifically for files that involve sound in any form.

Despite speakers only having a single common purpose, there are different kinds of speakers, and each of these types is discussed below.

Kinds of Speakers


The first kind of speakers commonly found in homes is used in computers. These computers are desktop computers and microcomputers such as smartphones.

These earphones are small in nature, and usually, get connected to desktop computers or smartphones through a 3.5mm audio jack.

These speakers are perfect for smartphones as they are portable and can be brought to different places without consuming that much space in your pocket or your bag. One common disadvantage of these is that they could be damaged easily.

This is because the wires used in them are relatively thinner and more exposed to movement like bending and sometimes accidental pulling.


While headphones are easily mistaken for earphones, the reality is, both of these devices are not the same. The headphones are larger in nature and usually cover the ears, thus providing the user with a surround-sound feel and noise-cancelling.

It also makes use of hard plastic to connect both speakers to each other. Some also have the option of being wireless via Bluetooth connection, thus sparing users from the tangling of wires.

This is why headphones can be more expensive and bulkier than the earphones but remain a good choice especially when it comes to added features and aesthetics.

Desktop Speakers

The third type of computer speaker is one which you just can’t take with you everywhere you go. This is because these speakers are large and are ideally placed near the desktop computer.

This is considered to be an essential component of a desktop computer, with purchases of new desktop units usually coming with desktop speakers as a package.

These desktop speakers connect to the computer either through USB or a 3.5mm audio jack or both. Out of the three types, these speakers can produce the loudest sounds.

This makes it the ideal speakers for the average household, who gets to watch movies or loves to listen to music from time to time. This also has a more intricate housing system, and operates on larger wattage ratings, thus allowing it to produce sounds which are much more audible than that of other kinds.

How Sounds Are Produced

When it comes to computers, sounds are usually produced in the motherboard of the computer. If one wishes to have a richer sound quality, sound cards are recommended and usually added to the desktop computer.

From these hardware components, the electric signals are then picked up by the circuitry of the speakers, which in turn would convert these signals to the audible sounds we get to hear through the speakers.

Basically, the speakers convert the electric signals close to the original form as possible, which could then either be amplified or have the volume decreased.

The capacity of each one to do so would depend on the brand and the overall quality of materials and applied technology in which the speaker is built, with the most common convention being the louder the sound, the higher the overall wattage or power consumption of the speakers.

Functions of a Computer Speaker

Used for Notification

This is an essential purpose of a computer speaker. People would like to be notified whenever there are alerts for incoming emails, or in cases when Skype or any other instant messaging service is installed, and someone is contacting and would want to have a quick chat or some form of interaction.

Lastly, specialized applications could be created to warn you of other things, such as breaches in security, disaster alerts, or even simple alarms for anything, should you not have a clock of your own, or if you would want to be more creative with your alarm.

Used for Multimedia Entertainment

When it comes to functions of a computer speaker, this has got to be one of the most common out there. The reason for this is because most multimedia files would most definitely be reliant on audio for the entire experience to be made complete.

Having said that, a lot of multimedia files would simply not be complete without music of any sort, and having speakers installed would most definitely help to fill out the experience, and give meaning to “multi” in multimedia.

Specialized Speaker Functions

In even more recent times, various speakers were created to adapt to several conditions, hence extending its functionality. For a richer bass and a better sound output, some of these speakers could be bought, or are already equipped with a sub-woofer.

Some also have more advanced circuitry and added waterproofing protection for them to be used in wet areas, and be used in camping, pool parties, or even something mundane as in daily showers.

Lastly, some speakers are integrated with several other functions, such as digital alarms, or even Bluetooth connectivity for you to play music from your phone, laptop or any other device without even having to go near the said device.

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