Can PC Speakers Be Used for TV: Technology Today

Can PC Speakers Be Used for TV: Technology Today

Speakers are becoming an essential device in the modern world. The varied and unpredictable evolution of our technology has become more up to date, efficient, and easier. In the everyday things that we do, there is more than meets the eye.

Speakers can be used in presenting a school project, showing a class film, movie nights, during an office meeting, presenting an important project proposal, playing games on your PS4, and for many other purposes. Speakers help a lot, but the efficacy of these devices is not only up to what the built-in speakers in your device can produce, but whether you can enhance your audio feed, as desired.

Most speakers now come with speaker-cable connecters that adapt or can be connected to other devices. So, Can PC speakers be used for TV?

Connecting PC speakers to a television only takes a few minutes, provided you also know the features and cable slots associated with your TV. While most televisions are now racing towards increasing their screen diameters, and reducing thickness, you will notice that the more expensive and high-tech the television, the less it focuses on audio quality.

If you are planning to spend the night with a dramatic movie, have a dance presentation in class, or simply hoping to increase the volume of your television, then you can connect PC speakers to it, rather than spend more on buying full sized speakers that may also take up a lot of space in your living room.

Connecting PC speakers with PHONO Connector to Television

Affordable speakers can get the job done improving the quality of sound your TV provides. You don’t need to spend much money if you want to acquire a quality speaker for your television. Even PC speakers can be utilized to aid in your volume dilemma.

When connecting PC speakers to your television, make sure to lower the volume level of your speaker to the minimum setting, turn off, and unplug the speaker and the television as well. It is best to keep in mind that safety comes first, when dealing with electronics.

Insert the PC speakers’ mini plug to the television’s audio output jack, usually the one with a needle-like end with two line stripes. The size of the male mini plug is 3.5 mm, but if it is not compatible with your TV and you can find an analog audio output instead, usually colored red and white or red and blue and labeled as “R” Audio “L”, you will need to use an adapter that has two RCA or phono connectors.

These you will insert into your male mini plug, then insert the RCA connector to the TV. Make sure you have pushed them in tightly. Don’t mistake PHONO connectors for phone jacks.

PHONO connectors have begun to replace phone connectors which are 1/8” for many devices and audio applications, where component high-fidelity systems have become the current trend. However, quarter-inch phone connectors are still common in professional audio.

Now, turn on your television and speakers. Some TVs will pick up automatically that you have inserted an external audio output device, and will direct their sound signal there, but, if the sound still comes from the built-in speaker on your TV, turn you television speakers off, under “Audio Settings.”

Every television differs – it’s best to know your way around yours, or read the manual. Don’t forget to turn the dial of your speakers to increase the volume as desired.

Connecting PC speakers with PHONE Connector to Television

Phone connectors are different from PHONO connectors, but they are both primarily used for audio feeds. Since there are still a lot of televisions which have phone connectors, this is much easier to hook up.

First, turn off the PC speakers and the television to be linked together. Find the phone connector of your PC speaker. Use a flash light if you’re having difficulty locating the television’s audio output. Phone connectors are 1/8” in size, and inserted the same way you insert PHONO connectors.

Find the audio out of your television, usually at the back and colored red and white. Take your phone connector and insert it into the audio out, where it will fit. Now, if your TV has no 1/8” audio out, you will need to get your hands on a mini plug that looks like a Y-cable, with one 3.5mm stereo-female, splitting into two RCA stereo male-connectors.

This will be your link to connecting your phone connector to your TV. Simply plug in your PC speakers’ male phone connector to the end of the Y cable, and plug the two stereo male-connectors into the red port and white audio out of the TV. Make sure they fit in tightly before turning on your TV and testing the volume. Don’t forget to set the audio level of your PC speakers to your personal preference.

PC speakers and Television Set up Tips

Always make sure to unplug or turn off devices before hooking them up to each other, or linking in adapters or splitters.

Check the volume of the PC speaker, to make sure that it is set to the minimum setting before testing the connection.

Make sure that you are inserting your PHONO or phone connectors into the right audio out, and using compatible adapters and splitters.

If your connection is successful and you have turned on both your PC speakers and television, but there is no difference in volume or audio feed, check to see if you have adjusted the speaker dials and increased the volume adequately. You may also need to access your television “Audio Settings” to navigate the built in or internal speakers. Turn this off if you want the sound to direct to your PC speakers.

Now, the conclusive answer to the previous question: “Can PC speakers be used for TV?” This is an emphatic “yes”. Just make sure to have more knowledge regarding the features and accessories of your television, or have an electrician check on both devices if you are having some difficulty.

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