Anker Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Anker Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Music is one of the greatest things that one may tend to want to venture into in their free time. Since in most instances the music is normally stored in other external medias and one may opt to listen through external medias. Finding the best device that will produce some sweet music has proven a bit hard but not with this speaker.

For a small amount one is able to get [easyazon_link identifier=”B00GZC35YK” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]this speaker[/easyazon_link]. Just as the name suggests connections here can be done using Bluetooth. The sound is also ample as is indicated below. Here are some of the attributes that are associated with the speaker.

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  • Generally, all the sounds that are from the device are all HD in nature. This is because of the driver that is 2 inches in size as well as a bass port.
  • Ability to enjoy a total of about 15 hours to a maximum of about 20 hour’s continuous music. The battery was generally built from Lithium ion and is rated at 2100 mill amperes per hour.
  • The Bluetooth system that is incorporated in the speaker is the latest in the market being that it connects to many devices that possess Bluetooth version 2.1 or higher. On top of this, there is the provision of an audio port that is 3.5 mm in size for those devices that do not have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The radius where the Bluetooth coverage is restricted to is also increased as it is rated at about 33 feet from the speaker. One may also be able to use the speaker as a microphone while on call and the radius to this is also really wide to about 2 feet from where it is placed.
  • The makers to this particular device have also provided the users with a warranty that is for about 18 months after you have bought it. On top of this the device will also be able to be repaired for you for a small fee after the expiry date of the warranty in mind.
  • The packaging also caters for those people that are always on the go as there is a pouch meant for travelling and carrying the speaker safely. It will always give you that classy look and also protect the speaker from dust and damages.


  • Wide range of colours mainly black, white and blue.
  • Unlimited music the battery is well built to last for about 20 hours’ maximum.
  • Wide range in terms of the radius of operation.
  • In built microphone to use for calls while driving.
  • Long lasting warranty to ensure that your device is in good condition.
  • Sound quality is high Definition.
  • Easy connectivity not limited to intellect of the user.
  • Compatible with most of the devices in the market.


  • Under maximum volume, the sound is not really clear
  • The connectivity while using Bluetooth is also not that consistent as it sometimes fails to connect.
  • The speaker though it is small in size the fact that they added some battery life made it slightly heavier.


Generally, for the amount that you pay, this is one of the best speakers that one may possess. Compared to the previous speakers that they had the model that is current i.e. the one mentioned above, there have been tremendous changes. The battery life being the major boost that they have done the best. The sound quality has also been worked on though there is still some room for improvement. Though the speaker has been made to be heavier than the previous models, it is really worth it. The battery is the factor that led to the weight increasing slightly.

Possible alternatives

Out there in the market you have to go with an open mind when looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Some of the devices that have the same price range and similar specs include: Aomasis Sport II, Force Icon 2017, KAIQISJ A10 among many others. The ones discussed above all are about 30 to 50 dollars. The specifications that they also possess are more or less similar to the latest model from Anker.


Compared to the alternatives that are given above, I would prefer the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00GZC35YK” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]Anker bluetooth speaker[/easyazon_link] to the other models. This is first because of the price tag that is associated to the device known as Anker. The weight of the speaker is also generally lighter than most of the other models. They have also made the packaging really good using the pouch that is provided to the users.

The sound quality is also better and more improved considering most of the other models that are discussed above. The battery life is also generally improved and made really appealing to anyone that likes to listen to music without any connectivity. The radius where it is also associated with has also been tremendously increased as now you can be able to be mobile without interrupting the music you were listening to.

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